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Scottish Fair Trade Awards 2016

How cool is this, we’re hosting the Scottish Fair Trade Awards 2016 Click the link above to find out more about...

HIP Life

Super excited to have Jodie and Stephen coming to put their pop up shop, HIP life in place from Thursday 21/7/16...

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The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award Feeling creative…? Prizes £500 prize money for the Poetry winner £500 prize money for the Short Fiction winner Publication in...

This Children's Literature Map Shows the Best Kids' Books From Europe

This is a fantastic map btw So how many have you all read out there?

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I wish I could say that it’s because of the weather becoming warm again, but that just ain’t the case yet! Perishing out there! Anyway, we’re starting back to our ‘Spring’ opening times from next Monday morning. Technically Spring, (the Astronomical Spring,..

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3 awards finals in one day! Surely no more… Well, just one! We’re also finalists in the Business Excellence Awards 2018, wooohoo! Not sure when this one is due to be announced but we’ll let you know as soon as we do. Almost ran out of fingers to cross..

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This is a fantastic map btw So how many have you all read out there?

Lovely breakfast in @Books_and_Beans this morning. Lots of books too! #visitABDN