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Scottish Fair Trade Awards 2016

How cool is this, we’re hosting the Scottish Fair Trade Awards 2016 Click the link above to find out more about...

HIP Life

Super excited to have Jodie and Stephen coming to put their pop up shop, HIP life in place from Thursday 21/7/16...

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The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award Feeling creative…? Prizes £500 prize money for the Poetry winner £500 prize money for the Short Fiction winner Publication in...

Spree Aberdeen

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The 9th Scottish Independent Retail Awards 2019

We did amazingly well a few years back and actually won the Scottish Independent Bookstore of the Year Award in this same competition. If you’ve got a minute spare, it’d be great to get put forward as an independent business again. There’s loads..

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What are your favourite independent bookshops and why?

If you’ve got a spare minute and you like our Bookstore, please just click on this wee link say why you like us and add in any pics you have of us too. As always, feel free to like and share away so more people see this. Much appreciated! Craig

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Julia that works with us here at Books and Beans is helping organise this Burns’ Night event on Friday in aid of Ma…